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You Will Be Ready for the Next Break-In! A Guide on Rebuilding Office Security

You Will Be Ready for the Next Break-In! A Guide on Rebuilding Office Security

In a break-in, the burglar is looking for an opportunity. Once you have endured one break-in or another type of property crime, don’t assume that your company will be safe from further attacks. When it prepares to re-enter after a theft or other anti-social behavior, it must counter the threat with better office security to prevent future incidents.

Here are some suggestions for getting your office back on track after a property crime:

- Badges or any other clear means of identification that can't be easily forged. If you have outdoor lighting, increase the wattage so people can see who is coming and going better.

- The main entryway. This is where people are most vulnerable, so install an alarm system if you don't have one already.

- Post signs that advise people to watch their surroundings. You may also need to post a sign advising visitors that they are being monitored, recorded or both.  Make sure your staff is aware of this constant surveillance as well so it doesn't cause any unnecessary alarm.

- Better lighting. Burglars don’t like well-lit areas, so think about installing additional lights or making some adjustments to the existing ones to reduce blind spots and increase visibility in your office space.

- If you have an outdoor area that serves as a storage area, consider fencing it off with something that doesn’t obstruct the view, but provides enough security to keep people out.

- Shutter or roll-down doors on your warehouse or storage areas will prevent burglars from attempting forced entry. If you also have an outdoor area for employees to store personal belongings, secure it with a sturdy fence, lockers and lights.

- Reduce the number of entry and exit points in your office, especially those that are not very visible.

- Change locks on outside doors as soon as possible if you have had a break-in. A lock will only slow down a bad guy, not stop him from breaking into your business or home. If he can’t see through the door or can’t see an open window, he will eventually move on to another property.

- Don't leave valuables in your car. If you have a business vehicle, purchase a safe fixed inside the car so it's more difficult for thieves to pry it out while you are not around. When parking at night, park in a well-lit area and lock your car doors. If you don't have enough street lighting, consider additional floodlights around the property to illuminate any outdoor space after dark.

- Keep your computer software up to date with security patches as many break-ins are due to human error such as old versions of computer code that contain easy exploit code that can be used by hackers and some break-ins are due to the failure of the computer user to install security patches, which reduces the threat.

- Document your inventory and equipment with photos or video so you have a record in case it's stolen. Keep this information at home rather than at work where it could fall into the wrong hands.

- Keep a record of serial numbers and take photos or make a video of any equipment you purchase. If you have a break-in, it will be much easier to provide proof that your property was stolen if you have this information available from the source you purchased from.

- Ask yourself whether there are places in your office where someone could hide undetected. If so, install an alarm system in these areas to help prevent a break-in from occurring.

- Optional: You can have someone stay on the premises overnight to guard against any further break-ins. However, it would be best if you hire a professional security company that has trained personnel and the necessary equipment to handle the situation.


As you can see, there are many simple ways to increase security at your business or home that may not cost very much if anything at all. Implementing some of these measures will help reduce the threat you face and give you peace of mind knowing that your property is better protected against future break-ins. Now go get started rebuilding your office security!

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