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Prevent Locks from Freezing This Winter

Prevent Locks from Freezing This Winter

Winter is an especially troublesome time for locks. The increase in rain and other precipitation, along with the colder weather, can cause problems to develop inside a lock or on the door itself. In fact, you should be wary of any lock that feels stiff or difficult to turn once winter hits.

Freezing Locks

Even if it's not snowing, the weather can still get cold enough to cause a lock to freeze. The water inside of it will turn to ice, locking it completely until you are able to get some heat on it. This is sometimes possible with a hair dryer or even targeted heat from a torch, but it's better to avoid this situation if you can.

Lubricating Locks

Applying some light lubrication to the outside of a lock is one way you can prevent freezing and keep it running smoothly. It's especially important to do this if your key sticks, as this means there may be rust and another build-up inside the lock preventing proper function. You should also lubricate the hinges on a door, as this may extend the life of the lock's lubricant and keep it from getting cold enough to freeze.

If Your Lock Does Freeze Although you can use a hairdryer or similar heating device if your lock starts to freeze, sometimes it will continue to do so. In this case, bring in a locksmith who has more specialized knowledge and tools. They may be able to drill through the ice to access your lock, allowing service. If this isn't possible, they will have replacement locks on hand that you can use while you wait for yours to thaw out.

A locksmith in Northampton is perfectly equipped to handle all of these situations. Whether you are preparing for winter or dealing with lock troubles, you can always bring them in when needed. They will be able to handle whatever comes their way and keep you happy, which is what they're here for. Don't put off getting a replacement if your lock does freeze - get in touch with them right away.

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