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How to Keep your New Home Safe: Locksmiths in Northampton

How to Keep your New Home Safe: Locksmiths in Northampton

Changing the locks is a simple and effective way to protect yourself from intruders. But did you know there are different ways to enhance your home security and make the locks more secure?

It’s not just burglars who can gain entry into your home via the front door. Often, opportunist thieves will take advantage of an open door or window in order to gain entry. Because the locks are there to keep out strangers, they often won’t think twice about using a door that’s been left open. They may not necessarily want to traipse around your home unduly – typically they will be after small, easily-sold items such as mobile phones and laptops. This is why it’s essential to keep doors and windows locked when you leave your home.

Doors: The standard lock on the majority of doors has a three-lever mechanism. The levers are connected by an upright bolt that fits into various ‘recesses’ in the jamb, allowing you to open and close the door. The jamb is the part of the door frame that holds up your lock and sits inside your home. These locks are not very secure as they can easily be prized away from the woodwork with a crowbar or similar tool, forcing both bolts out of their position and allowing someone to enter your property as if they have a key.

Windows: Unlike doors, windows are not held in place by the frame surrounding it. For this reason, they offer a less secure method of entry for potential thieves. However, if your window does have some kind of catch or locking system on it then you can make access harder for them.

As well as ensuring you always lock up when leaving your home, make sure you invest in deadlocks. These are locks for use on the inside of your door and allow you to choose whether you want to lock up when leaving/entering or not. Deadlocks are especially useful if there are doors leading directly outside from areas such as bedrooms, lounges or kitchens.

It’s also a good idea to invest in a door viewer/peephole, which allows you to see who is on the other side of your front door without having to get up and open it. This gives you peace of mind when opening your door and lets you know whether or not it’s worth getting out of bed for.

One final tip: make sure you always close your letterbox even when it is raining. This stops thieves from using a water-resistant card to press down the flap covering the lock and opening your door; after all, we’ve all experienced heavy rain in our lives and know how much water can get through!


There are many other ways you can protect yourself from burglars, such as an alarm system to alert you if anyone tries to enter your property when you’re not there. However, changing the locks is a great way to make sure no one who shouldn’t be in your house gets in, and catching them before they do can save you a lot of damage and heartache.

By changing the locks in your property when you move in, you can stop previous tenants from gaining access to your home and help prevent them from trying to steal small items which could be easily sold on for drug money. Of course, it’s not always possible to change the locks straight away after moving in but it is something you should do as soon as possible.

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