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How Door Locks Work: Tips for New Homeowners

How Door Locks Work: Tips for New Homeowners

How many times have you found yourself locked out of your house and had to spend the next few hours waiting for your neighbor to return home?It’s an embarrassing moment and it can be stressful, but what is even more frustrating is not knowing how the locks work and not having a solution available.

As a homeowner, you should understand how locks work. This knowledge will not only help you avoid being locked out but will also help you build a better security system for your home. That’s why we decided to write this article – to give you the knowledge that can prevent a bad situation from turning into a nightmare.

In this article, we cover the most common types of locks and their working principles, so that you can choose one or more of these locks to add to your new home security system.

In addition to this general information, we will also give some tips tailored for first-time homeowners who are about to start a door lock installation process. We’ll begin with two major categories of locks, the one that uses pins and the one that uses cylinders. We’ll also see how deadbolts work because they are particularly common in new homes. Then we will give some tips so you can better understand the process of selecting a lock for your home.

In addition to this article, you should also read up on how to choose a door lock.

These articles can help you understand all the basics of locking mechanisms so that you know what to look for when it comes to selecting your locks.Let’s not waste any more time and let’s start with the most common types of locks!

Find out now what are the different types of locks!

What are the Different Types of Locks?

Nowadays, there are 2 major types of door locks.They use either pins or cylinders to fulfill their functions.We will briefly explain what each type of lock is and how it works.Pins can sometimes be cylindrical, but not always.The lock’s pins are usually located on each side of the door so that one pin can be inserted from the outside and another from the inside.In this setup, you can insert a key in both pins to easily open them at once.

Cylinders have a long metal bar running through their interior and they contain multiple pins.The key inserts into the cylinder and lifts these pins up to the correct height so the door can open.In some cases, you might find locks with cylinders on both sides of a door so that someone from outside or inside can open it.

These are deadbolts – door handles that require a key from either side to open.Some doors have more than one cylinder so that the same key opens them from either side.

We will explain this process in detail while discussing door locks with keys.Now that you know about the different types of locks, let’s see what else can help you understand how they work!

How Do Door Locks Work in General?

As we discussed earlier, door locks have guards that prevent the door from opening, and they can either use pins or cylinders. The working principle is slightly different in each case so let’s see what happens when you try to open a lock with a cylinder-based locking system. Imagine you insert a key into the cylinder inside your door. You will notice that the key is shaped in a way whereby turning it either clockwise or counterclockwise, you can raise or lower the pins in the lock. When you turn the key, the pins are lifted up to their correct height and they no longer block the door from opening. Then you can turn the key clockwise or counterclockwise to open either the deadbolt on the door handle or part of the lock. After you’re done, you can remove your key from the cylinder and access is no longer available. That was very basic but it illustrates how this type of locking mechanism works.

Now let’s see what happens when you try to open a door with pins-based locks. You can see that instead of one long cylinder-like in the previous example, this lock has multiple shorter cylinders that are very close to each other. We say that these are bitted keys because they have notches cut into them at specific angles. The key you insert into the pins aligns these notches and releases each of them one at a time until the door can be opened. While this may sound like a complex concept, it’s actually very simple to do when you see someone opening such a door. All they need to do is push on the handle or turn the knob and the door will open.

In these examples, we have only covered very basic locks that fit on common doors.

On more complex doors you can find locking mechanisms with several cylinders and even electronic security systems to prevent unauthorized access. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with different types of locks so that you know what to expect when you buy your home. It’s also crucial if you want to protect your family and property!

How Do Keyless Entry Door Locks Work?

Keyless entry door locks are an increasingly popular solution for those who don’t like carrying a key around.The basic principle is simple – you use a card or your smartphone to open the door.A keyless entry lock has multiple locking pins just like any other standard lock and it can be opened with a rotating cylinder that is partially concealed by the door handle.This means that no one but you will have access to this part of the mechanism. Of course, there are many different types of keyless entry locks each with multiple features.

What Else Can I Expect to Learn About Door Locks?

We have only scratched the surface of door lock mechanisms but this should be enough for you to start noticing them around your home! When it comes to door locks, you can always expect more security and convenience, with the latest systems offering added capabilities that make your life easier. It’s crucial to learn about them so that you know what to look for if you wish to upgrade your home.

We hope this article gave you some insight into how door locks work and why they are an important part


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