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Securing Your Garage During Summer

Securing Your Garage During Summer

If you must keep something of value inside your garage, then the next best thing is to install a lock that your lock pick sets could not overcome. This may be an expensive solution, and it does require you to leave something valuable in the garage. The next best thing is to use a good quality padlock and chain on the door. Never just rely on the catch; make sure you attach it through both handles as well.

The next thing to think about are the locks on the door. If you have a standard mortise lock, then you will be fine. These are very strong and most people that break into garages don't have extensive lock picking experience. You can also get solid iron or steel security bolsters for added strength.

If you would like to install some deadbolts, make sure you go for the very best they can offer. The ones that are sold for internal doors simply will not be strong enough. Ask an expert about Schlage deadbolts; these are probably the strongest available on the market today.

If you don't want to even consider the cost of new locks and security devices, then you can just add a chain or bar across the inside of your door. This will make it almost impossible to get in; however, it is still not very good for security. Burglars will only try and enter through back doors and side entrances if they cannot get in via the front.

If you want strong locks without having to spend too much money, then you should look at UPVC door locks. These are not made of metal, but they are still very strong. Even with the right lock pick set in their hands, most burglars will struggle to break through these doors.

The best tip is to fit an alarm on your garage when you leave it empty. By adding an alarm to your front door, it will discourage any burglars from targeting that area. You can get metal boxes that are part of the security system. These are fitted outside the garage and they will alert you with a siren if anyone tries to break in.

If you want to know more about what Northampton locksmiths have to offer, then you should just get in touch. Adding a strong lock, such as a UPVC door lock , will make your garage much more secure and less likely to be broken into because it 's very hard to pick the lock with a set of standard lock pick tools . A good quality padlock and chain will also do the job, but it may cost more. Remember, never leave anything valuable in your garage or you are just wasting money on new locks. As well as fitting new locks, consider adding some security features for extra peace of mind.

We at NJM Locksmiths hope that we have helped and we'll see you next time!

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