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Christmas season - Theft increases, here's how to keep from becoming a victim

Christmas season - Theft increases, here's how to keep from becoming a victim

This is the time of year thieves love most and the reason why many people come home to find their homes ransacked. According to law enforcement officials, seasonal thefts rise around 11 percent over the holidays and once again in January when rich returns start rolling in. That's because many people receive and spend cash as gifts and others start receiving credit card statements.

For those who celebrate Christmas, it is a time for family and friends to get together. Unfortunately, thieves use the holidays as an excuse to break into homes and steal valuables.

1. Keep Your Locks In Good Condition

Keeping your locks in good condition not only helps prevent thieves from opening doors with copied keys, but also helps you if you need to escape quickly in the event of a fire or other emergency. Always make sure that your locks are set correctly and that they work smoothly on all doors

2. Keep Your Doors And Windows Locked

Many people tend to leave doors unlocked when they go out or in their cars, even though it would be just as easy to lock these entrances using the simple turn of a key. Always make sure that your doors and windows are locked anytime you leave your house unattended

3. Keep Your Yard And Surrounding Areas Trimmed

Many thieves use the cover of darkness to break into homes. If you have bushes or other plants under windows or near your doors, they allow people the perfect place for hiding until you turn off all of your lights.

If you can see an intruder's entire body while standing inside of your house, they will be more reluctant to try and break in. Not only does this make you less likely to get robbed, but it also makes the chance of someone trying to harm you or your family smaller. Also keep tall grass cut low near sidewalks and driveways so that not too much of your home is exposed to potential criminals.

4. Keep Your Pets Indoors

Keeping your pets inside, such as cats and dogs, makes it more difficult for an intruder to get close enough to unlock a door or break in a window. If you feel like you need protection while at work or on vacation, make sure to use a dog watch or a house sitter service to watch your home.

5. Lock Your Valuables In The Trunk Of Your Car Or Place Them In A Safe

If you have to take expensive presents with you while going out, try placing them in the trunk of your car or in a safe before arriving at your destination. If you need to keep them with you while shopping, carry them tightly under your arm so that nobody can get their hands on them without attracting attention.

6. Keep An Eye Out For Suspicious Behavior Or People And Call The Police

If you see people in your neighborhood behaving strangely, call the police immediately. Whether they are trying to pick locks on doors or cut phone lines so that an alarm won't be set off when they break in, these criminals often use different tactics in order to get away with stealing from others.

7. Keep Your Alarm System And Security Lights Triggered

Even if you don't have an actual security system, you can trick thieves into thinking that your house is guarded by placing timers on lights so that they'll turn on and off at random times. You can also install security strips on all of your doors so that you know if anyone has entered the house without your permission.

8. Keep Your House From Appearing Empty

Thieves are less likely to break into houses when they feel like there are people inside because it makes it more likely that they will get caught. If you make your home look active, even when it is empty, it will be less attractive to criminals looking for somewhere to steal from.

9. Know How To Respond If Your Home Is Broken Into

If criminals break into your house while you are there, do not try to fight them. Instead, lock yourself in a room with your family away from the burglar and call for help immediately. Even if you have security outside of your property, they cannot be everywhere at once so calling the police or local authorities is always the safest course of action.

10. Make Sure To Call A Professional And Trustworthy Cleaning Company

When you are done with your home for the year, have it professionally cleaned. Not only will it help you get rid of all of the germs that may have accumulated over time, but it will also make it less attractive to burglars who will see that someone is taking care of the house.

With these steps, you are sure to have a great holiday season without having to worry about coming home to an empty house with all your valuables gone. Make sure to take precautionary steps before leaving on vacation also because it could make the difference between coming home to a house full of presents or an empty one. Call out for an emergency locksmith in Northampton at NJM locksmiths.



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