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Burglars Target Your Home? Don't Let It Happen Again

Burglars Target Your Home? Don't Let It Happen Again

Whether you were away for a few hours or on an extended vacation; when burglars target your home, it can feel like your entire world is crashing down around you.

Of course, the first thing you should always do in this situation is notify the police and have them ensure that nobody who gained access to your home is still there. However, once this is taken care of, your next priority should be to secure your home and leave yourself best protected against this ever happening again. 

A common place where burglars will try to gain access into a home is through the garage entrance. The door leading from your garage into the house often remains unlocked as it’s the most convenient way of entering, while at the same time offering a lower chance of being seen by neighbors. 

A great way to stop this is by placing a door brace into the track of your garage door. This will prevent it from opening more than just a few inches before becoming obstructed, leaving criminals with no means of getting inside without you noticing.


Another place burglars often attempt to gain entry is a window. While alarm systems can be effective in stopping intruders from breaking into your home via the door, you have no such device protecting your windows.

One solution to this is to install an electronic sensor that attaches to your window and detects motion when someone tries to open it. If this occurs, a high-decibel alarm is automatically activated in your home which will hopefully scare off any criminals who were trying to gain entry.

Of course, this won’t stop the burglar from throwing an object through the window and gaining access that way; but at least you’ll be alerted before it happens.


If you have an alarm system, having the sirens turned on during your absence can also act as a deterrent for burglars. The siren will immediately be activated if anybody breaches the perimeter of your property once you’ve left.

Another option is to install security cameras outside your home which are connected to a DVR inside. If a burglar is caught on a camera at any point, you’ll have concrete proof of their wrongdoing and can use this in court against them if they are ever identified.

In the unfortunate case where your home has been targeted by burglars when no one is around, it’s important to work with your insurance company to determine the full extent of the damage and begin filing claims.

Although you may be tempted to move elsewhere, it’s often best to stay in your current house until it has fully been repaired; as moving elsewhere will only make it more difficult for an insurance company to determine if something was damaged or stolen.

It can be a long and drawn out process to replace the damages made by burglars, but it’s important not to let them win and instead take steps to ensure you remain protected.

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